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Markets have been seriously damaged by coronavirus.

Markets have been seriously damaged by coronavirus.

The coronavirus effect continues in the markets. The sales wave could not be prevented against the FRS’s surprise interest rate cuts. The loss in European stock markets reached 12 percent.

The spread of the coronavirus epidemic also increases panic in the markets.
The losses in the European stock markets reached 12 percent, while oil and gold fell sharply.

In order to prevent panic in the markets yesterday, FRS announced an expansion program of $ 700 billion in addition to a 100-point reduction in interest rates and could not prevent the sales wave. Panic sales in the markets have increased, especially in the afternoon, with sharp declines.

Sales in world exchanges continue on the first day of the new week. While the FTSE 100 index fell 7.5 percent in the UK, the loss in CAC 40 in France reached 11 percent. The loss in DAX in Germany approached 10 percent.

US stock markets also fell sharply at the opening. While the declines exceeded 9 percent, transactions were suspended.

Petrol Seen Under 30 Dollars

The recovery in oil prices, which experienced the biggest loss since 1987, with a shocking decline last week, was insufficient. The price of barrels of Brent oil fell 10.25 percent to $ 30.38, while the price of US crude oil fell below $ 30.

Ounce of gold fell below $ 1,500 for the first time abroad this year, lost 4 percent. Inside, grams saw gold under 300 pounds.


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