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How do you protect your mental health from coronavirus?


Experts warn you to protect your body as well as your mind against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19). Especially people with anxiety and similar anxiety disorders should be more careful about coronavirus news.

The new type of coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in various parts of the world, causing people to panic. The health of people who have various ailments, especially anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, may be negatively affected by constantly reading news of corona virus.

So how do we protect our mental health?

Worrying about the coronavirus outbreak is understandable, but for many people existing psychological problems can be even worse affected.

The world health organization made a number of suggestions to protect people’s mental health. The recommendations published by WHO were met with interest in social media.

Some of WHO’s recommendations include:

  • Avoid watching, reading or listening to news that may make you feel anxious and troubled.
  • Get information from reliable sources to reproduce your basic plans, protect yourself and your loved ones and learn practical steps.
  • Follow the news about the epidemic once or twice, only at certain times during the day. Following sudden and almost constant news flows about the outbreak can cause you to worry more.
  • According to the news in the BBC, Nicky Lidbetter of the British Anxiety Association said, “Fear of getting out of control and not tolerating uncertainty is the main feature of anxiety disorder. Therefore, individuals who previously had this type of disorder may face much greater challenges now”.

Give morale to People on Social Media

Alison, 24, is anxious. He says that everything related to the corona he sees on social media increases his worries even more. He says he reads everything he saw on social media up to a month ago, and various conspiracy theories caused crying crises.

In order to fight her anxiety, she muted the keywords she didn’t want to read about on Twitter. He left WhatsApp and Facebook groups, where unverified information was circulated.

Do Not Remove Your Connection with People

As the number of coronavirus cases increased, people began to isolate themselves. States are also increasing their measures for isolation and quarantines every day. However, it was stated that it is very important for people to keep in touch with each other during these quarantines to protect mental health.

Experts recommend you to read books, keep in touch with friends, exercise and stay away from burnout to protect your mental health.


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