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How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Diagnosed

How can I find out if I have Corona Virus?

The new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19), which appeared in late 2019, is spreading around the world. With the deaths that started with the beginning of 2020, panic and fear dominate the world. Up until this point, specialists have seen that while there are serious cases, the contamination is generally gentle with vague indications. Known presentation to somebody who has been contaminated with the infection alongside hack, blockage, fever, and other influenza like side effects may raise concern and brief analytic testing. Since the infection is spreading, almost certainly, an individual could have been uncovered without knowing it or without voyaging. Laboratory tests are required to diagnose coronavirus.  Once someone has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, further tests are needed to determine the severity of the infection.

Who Can Get Coronavirus Test?


There are not enough tests in many countries. For this reason, you need to meet certain conditions to get a coronavirus test. Patients with certain symptoms and signs compatible with Covid-19 come first among these conditions. Also, Older adults and individuals who have chronic medical conditions or are immunocompromised and are showing COVID-19 symptoms. Finally, people with the following conditions can benefit from these tests;

1) had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient in the last 14 days or

2) is traveling from an affected area.

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Self Check Coronavirus

If you are in a city with the disease, the virus may have been transmitted to you. Protect your social distance with people and do not leave the house unless you have to. Since the virus spreads very quickly, you may have been exposed to the virus unknowingly or unwittingly.

You can also monitor your own health for signs of COVID-19 infection. Things to look out for include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Other breathing difficulties

If you see these symptoms for yourself, please isolate yourself and do not see anyone. If your condition gets worse, seek help from the nearest healthcare provider. It is very important for you and the health of the society to isolate yourself at home for 14 days.


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